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Banner Design Tips

Design requirements:

Files accepted include Adobe Illustrator (.ai) using CYMK color format with text outlines saved (otherwise we need the fonts used as well), Adobe Photoshop - Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) using CYMK color format or high resolution .pdf files work well also. We prefer vector files because they can be enlarged without a loss of clarity, pixel type images become very jagged quickly when enlarged. If you are working with other programs using pixel images then you need to send us a image that is laid out in full size and saved at 150 DPI (dots per inch). This will look great but will be a large file size. These include most popular file types like .tif, .jpg and .gif files (.tif is the preferable of these formats). We can also use files from many Microsoft programs but we will need to import the information into another program to be able to print with. You can always send us what you have and we will try to use it if we can. Please do not copy a little image off the web and expect us to blow it up 500% and make it look good. Remember the old adage-  "Garbage in equals garbage out". We have hundreds of stock vector graphics on file that will look great -  just tell us what you have in mind and we will send you a few proofs to pick from.

Your banner is probably going to be viewed from a distance and a low quality jagged image may not look too bad when you are standing back ten or fifteen feet away.

Always design your banner at full size - then you can see what it will look like when we print it. Turn your rulers on in the program so that you can keep the lay-out proportional to the actual banner size.

Always design in a "Safe area" leave all important design elements at least 1 1/4 inches away from an edge. If you are using pole pockets then allow an extra 6 inches for the pocket hem lines as well.

We will need about 1 1/4 inched all the way around for the banner hem.

Special Program Notes:

MICROSOFT PUBLISHER Lay out your banner at the FULL SIZE you want it to be.  Save it as ("Save As...") Tag Image File Format (*.tif).  Send us the TIF file. This eliminates any font problems.

POWER POINT - Power Point designs generally reproduce well at larger sizes. BUT - be SURE your layout is the same proportions as your final print size. Use the "View Rulers" option and design using 1 inch = 1 foot. Just send us your Power Point .ppt file as is.

Microsoft Word often has font and graphic problems. If you MUST use WORD, use ONLY the standard Word fonts. OFTEN, WORD graphics are low resolution and will not print well, so be careful. If you have any questions just call.