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Types of magnetic backing

Magnetic Backing:

The backing can be purchased for sign shop use in very thin 10 mil thickness up to 30 mil thickness. There are many grades of substrate. Generally the less it costs the less features it will have, here are a few important ones:

  • Conformability when cold - usually the thicker the less conforming it will be.

  • Coated or un-coated, good quality substrate comes with a special finish coating on the magnetic side to help keep the magnet from chemically bonding to the vehicles paint. Again the cost of the material is substantially higher for a high quality coated product. Using inexpensive un-coated substrate can cause a very nasty problem. It has been our experience that very few sign shops use coated materials - their supply warehouses don't stock it because it costs more - big mistake!

  • Magnetic charge rate - Most sign shops use a material that costs much less and is much more prone to coming off ( 8 to 11 poles/inch). High quality substrates are much more powerful at 14 poles/inch.

  • Rounded corners - this is a must to keep the edges from curling and allowing air to get under the sign and cause sign lift-off. Bye-bye signs. A quality sign will have it's corners radius cut with a .5 inch radius to prevent this from happening. It also looks much more professional in appearance. It cost money to buy a dedicated machine to do this process and most shops don't want to invest the money.