Our Magnetic Signs Their Magnetic Signs
Printed Direct To The Magnet: We use a very costly and far superior UVR (ultra violet) cured inks for outstanding durability and superior fade resistance (up to five years outdoor life).

Keeping our world green is important to us.
We use no solvent based inks!

Inferior solvent inks (or eco-solvent which is even worse) that fade quickly. Some companies will laminated a clear vinyl over the ink to help the fade problem. But, the laminate makes them stiff and can cause curling which will make your signs into kites... say adios to your signs.
Rounded Corners:
It is essential to have the corners of your signs rounded to not only provide a professional appearance but also prevent curling of the corners which lifts the magnet from the vehicle surface and turns your signs into great kites... good by to your investment.
Not offered