Banner Hangers

SuperSnap Hangers

These substantial hangers hold vinyl graphics flat and straight, giving you a professional presentation at any trade show! They can be hung from the pole at the back of your booth very easily using the S-hooks we supply. The hanger flips open to accept the graphic, and snaps shut to hold it. Clips slide into a channel at the top of the hanger for S-hooks or string to attach.




Sign Hanging Accessories

Black, white or clear plastic


Galvanized steel connector for combining two pieces

Regular Hooks

Galvanized steel
2mm wire 5/8" diameter hook opening

S Hooks

Galvanized steel
1/16" wire
1" height

Ceiling Grid Clips

White Plastic

Wall Mounting Hanger

Galvanized steel

Slatwall Hanger

Galvanized steel


This is a picture of a banner we used recently at a local show. The banner was 4x6 feet in size with supersnap hangers top and bottom. Material was outdoor matte vinyl.

SuperSnap pricing, per pair, including S hooks and clips:

36" - $40

48" - $45

60" - $55

72" - $60

96" - $70

To minimize your effort at the show, we like to ship supersnaps installed on the banner. We can do this on banners up to six feet wide. Above that, the banner will be rolled along the short dimension, and the SuperSnap hangers shipped in two half length pieces for the customer to install on site.



Gotcha Hangers

For lighter weight banners and posters, we suggest Gotcha hangers. They work much like the SuperSnap hangers. Clips slide into a channel at the top of the hanger for S-hooks or string to attach. They should not hold more than 3x4 foot displays.


Gotcha pricing, per pair, including clips:

24" - $22

36" - $26

48" - $30


Banner TrakTM System

Great for displaying banners

  • Made from rust-free anodized aluminum
  • Easy to change banners quickly
  • Sliding Thumb Screws let you adjust to different banner sizes and lock the screws for a taut display--no more sagging!
  • Banner Trak Kit includes two 4 ft. rail sections, one connector, and four Sliding Thumb Screws
  • Convention Clip lets you attach a banner to a table edge or over a pipe
  • Suction cups let you mount the rails to any flat, non-porous surface

TO ORDER: Specify the Style No. and Quantity.

PRICE: Each.


Style No. Description Price
  E69131 Banner Trak 48" Kit $89.30
  Individual Pieces  
A E69108 Convention Clip - Pair $27.30
B E69109 Suction Cups - 6 $30.50
C E69110 Connector Link $10.40
D E69111 Sliding Thumb Screws-2 $13.60
E E69112 Extra Rail - 4 ft length $36.80