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Care & Use of Your Magnetic Signs

It is important that you read and follow recommendations throughly.  Your caution in using your signs is imperative, as AAInstantsign.com will not assume responsibility for signs that fly off of your vehicle for any reason.

Before applying your magnetic signs make sure that your magnetic signs, as well as your vehicle, are clean and dry.  You should lay your signs on a warm flat surface (like your dinning table) for a while so that they will lay flat when applied to your vehicle. It is best if your vehicle has not been waxed within the last two months.  If your vehicle is new, or has been waxed recently, allow several months for the paint or wax to cure.  An important thing to consider when choosing where to place your signs is that magnetic sheeting adheres best to flat surfaces and surfaces with slight curves.  As you are putting on your signs, remember that, when you need to realign your sign, you need to remove the sign, and then put it where you want.  NEVER PULL YOUR MAGNETIC SIGN TO REALIGN IT.  Not only do you hazard scratching the paint, you will also run the risk of stretching the magnetic sign material.  Make sure that the whole magnet is flush against the metal surface; there should not be any air pockets.  Do not put the signs on any freshly repainted surfaces.  AAInstantsign.com is not responsible for any loss or damage that results from the misuse of magnetic material.

Weekly removal and cleaning is recommended, when used in a normal outdoor environment, this will keep moisture and dirt from collecting behind your magnetic signs.  Remove and clean your signs as well as the surface you put them on and allow them to thoroughly air dry.  This process should be repeated daily when you are using your signs outdoors in dusty conditions.  Be absolutely sure that your signs stay clean so they won’t  scratch the surface they are on.

Your magnetic signs will be most pliable, which makes them easier to work with, when they are near room temperature when they are applied.  The best way to store your magnetic signs is to lay them flat, it is best to not roll them after you receive them.  We roll them once for shipping purposes. Never place like sides together (printed side to printed side or backing to backing) this will discharge the magnetic material. Stacking them on top of one another for storage is fine.  Avoid placing signs on protruding objects.  You should also avoid contacting the lettering on your sign against the other sign or any other objects.  The graphic material we used to make your sign is very high quality, but it is not indestructible.

Other companies suggest that you round the corners of your sign as the square corners create more wind resistance and are more easily damaged and dog-eared over time.  However, we have already provided this service for you so you do not need to change the corners at all.

Due to the delicate nature of magnetic signs and our lack of control over the environment and individual conditions, we do not address claims made after 30 days.  The longevity of your signs directly reflects how well they have been cared for.