How to Install:

 "Over The Road Banners"

Over the road banners are exposed to weather and wind extremes and need to be properly installed to endure the conditions and remain looking great. Install aircraft cable between poles with turnbuckles and cable clamps. Attach the banner to the cable using snap hooks. Tension the banner in each corner with ratchet straps. We recommend 19 oz banner material, constructed with webbing, gussets, D-Rings and Grommets every 12" top and bottom. as well as wind slits.

T Post installation:

This is a great way to use your banner for temporary situations like Sporting events or Park events like Family Reunions and such. This example uses sew in webbing for easy installation. You can pick up T Posts at your local agricultural supply house or fencing company - don't forget to pick up a post driver while you are at it.


Corner Mounting:

Using chain link fencing supplies for posts and cross bars. You will need to order your banner with pole pockets sewn in to use this method. The materials are available at any place that sells chain link fencing. Using this method make a very professional display for your message.